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Message from Gil Sanchez
I created Tempus to assist business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. Our team does this in three (3) ways. First, we market and sell businesses. Secondly, we assist people to search, negotiate and buy business(es). Lastly, we provide strategic business consulting to grow businesses.
Selling A Business: We specialize in selling businesses from $100,000.00 to $10,000,000.00. The businesses we sell range the full spectrum. For example, we sell service and product based businesses, professional practices to distribution and manufacturing. We market the sale of our businesses across the U.S. and Internationally.
Buying A Business: Entrepreneurs are people who start, buy or own a business. Why reinvent the wheel when you can buy a business. We assist entrepreneurs in finding the best possible business that fits within their business and financial objectives.
Business Strategy Consulting: We analyze, strategize and execute strategic business objectives to optimize operational efficiencies, increase profitability and maximize business value.
We offer free consultations for any of the above services. Our services are offered throughout Florida. Visit and subscribe to our Tempus YouTube channel for free weekly business informational videos. Visit us on our website: www.tempusbusiness.com and contact us at anytime.
We look forward to helping you achieve business success.
Selling a Business
Watch our video on the 10 things every seller should consider when selling their
Buying a Business
Watch our video on the 10 things that every buyer should consider when buying their business.
Business Strategy Consulting
Watch our video on the 10 things that we evaluate for every business when performing our business strategy consulting.
View Our Free Weekly Business Informational Videos on The Tempus Youtube Channel
12 Different Ways to Finance the Sale and Purchase of a Business
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